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To get tips in both English and Spanish on teaching your students to read along with other great bilingual material for educators please visit 

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To find free printable Spanish worksheets please visit

To find interactive computer games in Spanish please visit

To find interactive educational computer games in Spanish, English, French, Catalan or Basque please visit

To find interactive games and comics for kids in Spanish please visit

To find a real-world, adaptive, and personalized language competency assessment please visit

For interactive educational games in Spanish visit

To find read aloud stories in Spanish visit

To learn songs, watch videos, or just play games in Spanish visit

For bilingual parent resources such as community resources, reading strategies, literacy at home and learning English, please visit

For bilingual instructional resources such as modules and information briefs, please visit

To access a Spanish health website especially designed for kids, please visit

For interactive science material in Spanish, visit the kids NASA website at

For materials and information needed to teach in a bilingual classroom, please visit

If you are interested in Readers Theatre, find some Spanish versions at

Find bilingual content and grade level resources at

Create your own bilingual web based activities at

Find solar system games and activities in Spanish at

Get math help online in Spanish at

Learn tips for Spanish speakers who are learning English at

To learn Spanish by watching tv on an online video player designed for language learners please visit

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